Accounting Consultancy for Online Gaming Operators

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Essential Accounting Reports

NetWin Media’s accounting consulting services are designed to empower gambling business owners to understand the true value of their business. We help our clients build reporting methods that identify customer values, hold percentages & player action from five different grouping perspectives. NWM call these “Essential Accounting Reports”.

Customer Value Reports

Online gaming department managers frequently have different & competing ways of evaluating the “value” of customers. Although their input on this issue is important to consider, the owner of the company should have a method that takes everything into consideration from a total-company perspective geared towards bottom-line profits. Once a company owner has this established it becomes easier to set goals for all department managers that promote the company’s goals, not a manager’s own agenda.

Hold Percentage Reports

It doesn’t matter what an online gaming owners does, he/she cannot escape the effects of their business’s hold percentage on profitability. There are limits to influencing hold percentages to be more profitable that what is theoretical for sports betting and casino businesses. It is of paramount importance an owner ALWAYS know what the hold % is on your business to forecast future profits.

Player Action Reports

What Affiliates & Advertisers were sending you the most sign-ups? How is the Company doing converting new customers organically from How many Active players did you have 6 months ago compared to this week? Is this number going up or down? Why? Online gaming company ownership need to understand this information in almost real-time and receive weekly reports so smart business decisions can be made. NetWin Media help online gaming business owners focus on what really matters to make more money.

Betting & Wagering Reports

Is the Economy where your Company’s target market is, getting better or worse? Tracking the average & media wagers over past years can give you better insight on economic market dynamics where your customers are geographically. A long-term online gaming operator understands that the real bottom line is produced through the Vig/Juice/Hold/Rake and betting volume increases are what make you money over time. NWM assist our clients to make more informed decisions in geographical markets using with customized betting & wagering reports.

Projection Reports

Online gaming business owners need to know what level of success is realistic to expect in their immediate and near future so they can set achievable goals for their Company’s managers. Properly designed projection reports that can be an integral part of what empowers owners to make really smart decisions! NetWin Media work with our clients to build custom projection reports that result in better business planning.

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Department True Cost Reporting

Our Department True Cost Reporting is an important NWM consulting service online gambling operations experiencing major changes to their growth, whether up or down. Most businesses experience a continual rise in expenses that will meet income if measures aren’t taken to curb unnecessary costs. Our “Complete Cost Reporting” consulting service reveals actual costs to run the major departments within your business.

Customer Service Department – Complete Cost Reports

Having a successful customer service department is a must for all online gaming companies! That said, it is also important to understand all costs related to running your customer service department. NWM are experienced online gambling industry consultants that understand operational costs very well. We are able to put true CSD operational costs in perspective, via our reports, to help owners make more informed decisions.

Processing Department – Complete Cost Reports

Accepting payments from customers via a wide variety of methods and getting wining players paid fast is necessary for any online gaming business to have long-term success. The true costs of accomplishing continuous payment processing success can be difficult to always understand. NetWin Media provide confidential consulting service that give our clients accurate understandings for what is being spent to process payments to & from their customers.

Marketing Department – Complete Cost Reports

Is more marketing always better? It is easy to say yes to all marketing proposals as the owner of an online gaming company seeking more profitable players unless you are tracking all associated costs. Understanding your marketing costs well automatically creates awareness of which campaigns to spend more capital on. NetWin Media provide our clients with marketing management methods that will ensure positive ROI when applied and maintained over time.

Sales Department – Complete Cost Reports

Imagine having a Sales Department and not knowing if it is a profitable enterprise. This can happen to online gaming companies with in-house sales departments when true costs to operate are not accounted for properly. NetWin Media have the expertise to help our clients identify, track and calculate the actual costs related to running their sales departments. This enables companies to expand the department with confidence or alter expenses to ensure profitability.

Affiliate Department – Complete Cost Reports

Online gaming businesses that succeed in important regulated markets have profitably run Affiliate Departments. NetWin Media helps our clients understand the true costs related to running their affiliate departments by proper analysis of everything from salaries for affiliate department management to commissions paid and all costs related to advertising & promotional activities focused on the affiliate department. Our focus isn’t on cutting costs, it is making sure clients are leveraging maximum value from monies spent!