Jurisdiction Consultancy for Online Gaming Operations

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Jurisdiction Consultancy for Online Gaming Operations

Most successful online gaming businesses have multinational aspects to their operations. It can be in the areas of legal structures, financial structures, licensing or aspects of the operation itself in the form of satellite offices or outsourced departments. NetWin Media have more than 18 years of consulting experience providing Internet gambling corporations with online gaming jurisdiction guidance that maximizes efficiency and profits.

Learn more about how NetWin Media can help your online gaming business benefit from creating a smart multi-jurisdictional operation…

Licensing Types
When online gaming companies decide to be multi-jurisdictional, it is necessary to understand which jurisdictions support the gambling services you offer to customers. Whether it is poker, casino, sports betting, bingo, other gambling services or a combination, it is important to know which jurisdiction offers licensing for what your Company offers. NetWin Media is one of the best sources for knowledge and guidance regarding online gambling jurisdiction licensing types.

Licensing Costs
Strategic and accurate counsel regarding jurisdictional licensing costs is key to long-term profits for online gaming business operators. NWM help our clients make intelligent decisions before commitments are made so expensive mistakes aren’t experienced. We measure licensing costs in more ways than just the numbers presented by jurisdictions, we include the interrelated costs that are not always evident without in-depth knowledge across multiple countries.

The Geographical Reach of the Licenses
When choosing a jurisdiction to headquarter out of, or jurisdictions to operate satellite offices from, it is a must to understand all markets you are permitted to service. NetWin Media has up-to-date information for this on more than 10 jurisdictions. We also provide counsel regarding languages, currencies and availability of qualified personnel within licensing jurisdictions and how they measure up for servicing your target markets.

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Legal & Financial Strategy by Jurisdiction

Online gambling businesses serving clients in multiple countries can save money and serve their clientele better by making smart decisions regarding where they incorporate & structure their finances. NetWin Media has more than 18 years of experience providing multinational gaming companies consulting services on jurisdictional legal and financial structures.

The following four points summarize what our legal & financial consulting service focuses on…

Legal Structures Best With License Locations

NWM provide actionable intelligence on what are the optimal legal structures to use given where your online gaming business is licensed and where your operations are located. For multinational companies/brands, it is important to choose corporate structures domiciled in countries that streamline tax positions and minimize overall legal exposure.

Legal Structures Best Based On Target Markets

Most successful online gaming operations service customers in multiple countries simultaneously; what are your obligations to have a registered legal presence in each place? NetWin Media are able to provide our clients meaningful counsel on this topic.

Financial Structures Best With License Locations

Online gaming operators’ success in today’s global Internet gambling industry requires strong & complex financial structures. The reasons for this are built in by virtue of the gambling service company being in one jurisdiction, financial & merchant processing firms in another, while the customers receiving services are residing in entirely different countries. NetWin Media have the expertise and connections to facilitate successful financial structures for multinational gambling service companies.

Financial Structures Best Based On Target Markets

Functioning within the regulations of the jurisdiction online gaming operations are licensed is not difficult from a financial perspective. That said, most companies service customers in many different countries and it is important to conduct responsible financial transactions with all of players no matter where they reside. NWM assist our clients to understand how to accomplish the aforementioned.

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Office Location by Jurisdiction

Understanding the availability of facilities, qualified personal and their costs is important before choosing a jurisdiction for your online gambling business operate in. NetWin Media prides itself on being a consulting firm able to provide clients with accurate insights on what it is like to operate in most online gaming jurisdictions before actually functioning there. We provide advice from an international perspective without favoritism to any one country.

Read further to discover what can be learned from NWM’s Office Location by Jurisdiction consulting service …

Cost Comparisons for Office Facilities by Jurisdiction

NetWin Media can give clients unbiased counsel on what current office facility costing is for at least five of the major online gaming jurisdictions in the world. NWM takes the time necessary to understand office facility expenses on a forensic level for each one of the jurisdictions we give advice on. We feel our clients have a right to know all expenses before making permanent commitments to setting up an office to conduct their business.

Cost Comparisons for Qualified Management by Jurisdiction

Imagine setting up your online gaming operations in a jurisdiction only to discover you cannot bring in your management or hire enough qualified personnel to run your business. Contracting NetWin Media’s consulting services, in this area of expertise, will ensure you make informed decisions that will fill your office qualified talent for your business.

Cost Comparisons for Operations by Jurisdiction

Discovering major costs AFTER moving your online gaming business into jurisdiction can negatively affect an owner’s profitability. NetWin Media works extremely hard to ensure our clients understand all operational costs they will experience in targeted jurisdictions before making full commitments to establish offices.