Marketing Consultancy for Online Gaming Businesses

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Affiliate Program Consulting Service

Having a vibrant and growing affiliate program is very important for all online gaming companies to compete in regulated gambling markets. It is an unchangeable fact, within mature online gambling markets, that affiliates already control most of the lucrative internet traffic flows and patterns. It is not realistic for online gambling websites to achieve continuous market success without engaging super-affiliates which, as a group, may have influence over 80% of the potential traffic you seek for meaningful growth. A very positive aspect of building a successful affiliate program is the risk/cost of advertising is shifted to affiliates and you only pay for profitable customers.

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Assessment for your Existing Affiliate Business

NetWin Media help our clients understand the value and scalability of any existing affiliate program already in place. Most online gambling businesses have at least some form of affiliate business but if a client doesn’t have one, this is not a negative position; in fact, it is very positive as adding an affiliate program will definitely boost customer count, betting volume and profitability.

Affiliate Program Strategy & Action Plan

This process includes, and is not limited to, affiliate software set-up, establishing management structure and systemized protocols for the program’s personnel. Whether your company has an existing affiliate program, or starting a new one, NWM have the affiliate program expertise to help you achieve more success. NWM has the expertise to help you achieve more success with online gambling affiliates via competitive intelligence analysis, decisions on affiliate platform, structuring affiliate compensation models (revenue share, CPA or hybrid), organizing affiliate payout methods, implementation of professional Terms & Services and affiliate recruitment & retention techniques.

Affiliate Program Reporting

NetWin Media assists our clients to get the most out of your affiliate software whether it be simple tracking our a comprehensive affiliate tracking system with real-time reporting. We help analyze the affiliate program’s KPIs and build scheduled reports, alerts and notifications so our clients can have a truly scalable affiliate business.

Training for Affiliate Program Management

Our Affiliate Program Consulting includes management and staff training as well as coaching. We understand that the human element is just as important as cutting-edge affiliate management software to have long-term success with online gambling affiliate programs. This is why NWM work hard with our client’ staff & managers to ensure they can provide affiliates professional support and enjoy the process!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is crucially important for online gaming operators to succeed. We believe all Internet gambling businesses should understand the fundamentals for how their websites can receive continuous new business from search engines. NWM SEO Consulting Service helps casino, sportsbook, bingo, poker and all types of online gambling service companies achieve consistent success with search engine optimization.

NWM Search Engine Consulting Services include …

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit

We determine the effectiveness of your current SEO by analyzing the following aspects of your website: average time on website, top performing pages, bounce rate, top traffic by geographical locations, conversions and more. An Off-Page Audit of your website’s backlinks is completed and recommendations for improvement are provided.

Competitors Analysis

We will help you identify 4-5 competitors that you should continually track. Some of these competitors will be ones that are doing better that you and others who you think have a better website than you.

SEO Strategy

Many online gambling companies concentrate on trying to create immediate SEO success and ignore long-term planning. NWM work with our SEO Clients on long-term strategies that produce new high-quality traffic on a continuous basis.

SEO Reporting

The quality and consistency of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reporting is of paramount importance so you truly know if you’re improving or losing ground to your competitors. NWM will help your Company build the right reports & disciplines to always understand your actual SEO position in the online gambling marketplace.

SEO Training

Building a team within your Company that understands how your Website’s SEO must function is very important. NWM will train your Company to understand how to operate your Website’s SEO properly so consistent progress is made by your Company with major search engines. It is also important your Company truly understand the fundamentals of SEO to provide the right support to any SEO Experts you hire.

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Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

NWM offers Paid Search Marketing (PPC) consulting services to licensed online gambling businesses in regulated markets. Paid Search is an online marketing strategy that allows businesses to buy valuable advertising space, via keywords, on major search engine results pages. Online gambling businesses can accelerate their website’s organic SEO success by using the intelligence gathered while running Paid Search Marketing campaigns.

Paid Search Market Assessment for your Business

Most licensed gambling businesses serve an international clientele so NWM work with you to identify exactly which countries, regions and cities are going to bring you the most profits from Google AdWords™ & Bing Ad campaigns. This process includes competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research that considers language, demographics as well as affordability.

PPC Strategy & Action Plan

NWM builds a custom strategy that will put emphasis on the campaigns that deliver the most leads. Ad Copy Creation is carefully created based on all of the data obtained in the Paid Search Market Assessment and analysis of your business. Multiple campaigns are run simultaneously to achieve maximum effectiveness via geotargeting, ad scheduling (using varied days & times) and split A/B testing with keywords.

PPC Reporting

Advanced tracking via Google Analytics is necessary to obtain feedback in real-time. This helps ensure positive results by quick action with campaign improvement modifications and effective PPC cost management. There are additional professional tools that can be utilized to enhance reporting in addition to Google Analytics and NWM utilizes these when possible.

Training for Paid Search Marketing

NWM work with small to midsized licensed online gambling businesses so our training is designed to enable companies to manage Paid Search Marketing (PPC) campaigns independently with their own staff. This empowers companies to achieve success with PPC independently and truly understand how to achieve great results when contracting outside marketing agencies for PPC services.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be an excellent medium for online gaming companies to promote their businesses; more specifically, as a positive Brand for gamblers to wager with recreationally. Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be powerful ways to build your Company’s reputation and NetWin Media specialize in helping small, to midsized, online gambling operators use these outlets successfully.

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Social Media Market Assessment for your Business

NWM research social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and identify the best audiences that will want to be customers of your brand based on the gambling services your website offers. Since most regulated online gambling websites serve customers in different countries, languages and currencies, NWM work hard to identify all untapped sources for new customers our clients can do business with. It is very important NWM understand all markets your website is allowed to serve per the regulations your Company must operate within. NWM is able to deliver positive and profitable action plan to clients by utilizing the aforementioned data.

SMM Strategy & Action Plan

This process includes, and is not limited to, social media profile setups for Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, understanding platform monitoring & moderation, best practices for status updates, content development, brand reputation management and paid advertising campaigns. NWM will help your online gaming business identify he best markets for your gambling services and advertise compelling offers to these social media audiences.

SMM Reporting

NWM provides clients a professional understanding on how to utilize analytics and data-tracking tools for strategy improvement. We also implement action plans for continuous social media monitoring, including recognition and response to keep your Company’s finger-on-the-pulse of how potential customers are perceiving your online gambling business. Whether you are managing your SMM in-house or via outsourced talent, tracking social media tasks performed and the resources spent is a must to truly know your ROI; NWM give you the know-how to achieve this professionally.

Training for Social Media Marketing

NWM focus our consulting services on start-up and midsize regulated online gambling companies seeking rapid growth in their target markets. Our Company works hard to help our clients achieve Social Media Marketing success independently with their own staff via training. We teach what fundamentals are in important to put energy behind, the protocols needed to create consistent social media profile improvements and tracking techniques to truly understand your ROI (Return on Investment). NWM also provides advanced reporting guidance for clients running paid advertising campaigns with social media platform and/or managing influencers.

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Email Marketing Campaign Service

NetWin Media’s Email Marketing Campaign Consulting Service is designed to help regulated online gambling businesses get more value from their database of customers. NWM show our clients how to turn an ever-increasing number of non-active customers into engaged active players on their websites. Other types of marketing like SEO, paid search & social media are exciting but effective email marketing can outperform all of them in ROI when done right.

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Email Marketing Campaign Assessment for your Business

The beautiful aspect of email campaign marketing is the in-depth intelligence you already have on your targeted recipients. Online gambling companies that understand their customer database at a strategic level accelerate their success with email marketing and NWM help businesses do this. Unlike other marketing campaigns, where your offers must be more general, email marketing allows for very targeted offers to specific segments of your database resulting in higher profit margins.

Email Marketing Campaign Strategy & Action Plan

NetWin Media’s Email Marketing Campaign Consulting Service helps clients increase the percentage of active customers within their databases already profiled as profitable. We achieve this for our clients with custom email template design, list segmentation for email campaign A/B testing, contest strategy & creation and deployment of email campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaign Reporting

NetWin Media’s focuses on important email marketing engagement benchmarks for all campaigns with reporting as close to real-time as possible. Detailed reports for clicks, open-rates, email traffic referred to site, deposits/transactions driven by email campaigns. NWM recommend using professional tools like Google Analytics to acquire accurate insight into how email recipients interact with your website. We also monitor deliverability, unsubscribe and bounce rates very closely to ensure subscriber engagement is maintained at a high-quality level.

Training for Email Marketing Campaign Management

Our goal at NetWin Media to provide your staff the knowledge and technical expertise to run professional email campaigns for your online gambling business in-house. We believe Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for harvesting untapped value from your existing business. It is obvious that customer loyalty requires regular, and meaningful, interaction with your Company’s brand, NetWin Media train our clients to make this a daily practice by teaching professional email campaign fundamentals.

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Web Analytics Consulting

NWM’s Web Analytics Consulting Service helps online gambling website owners measure and analyze of user behavior to your website via professional tools, methods and training. Our core objective is to increase conversion rates for website visitors into becoming real-money customers for our clients.

If your online gambling company is interested in improving how to use web analytics, learn more about NetWin Media’s Web Analytics Consulting Service…

Web Analytics Assessment for your Online Gaming Site

NetWin Media uses advanced data analytics and our vast online gambling industry experience to make sure your website visits produce higher profits from our consulting. We work hard to understand how users are interacting with our clients’ websites and design customized plans that convert more visitors new real-money customers.

Web Analytics Strategy & Action Plan

The first focus is an audit of your existing methods in place you have for linking logic, tracking codes, conversion funnels and management of the data. This initial phase includes Google Analytics account setup, if not already in place, and assistance with the proper configuration of your new or existing Google Analytics account. After we interpret existing data, we consult with our clients to determine an optimal web analytics action plan.

Web Analytics Reporting

Reporting is the main focus for any successful web analytics program. It must be comprehensive and meaningful towards your Company’s unique goals for success. NetWin Media assist our online gaming business clients to build a web analytics reporting system that will produce the data required to make profitable decisions.

Training for Web Analytics Management

It is important for online gambling companies to have strong web analytic practices in place to compete in regulated markets and produce consistent growth. Having managers on staff proficient with web analytics and trained to use actionable intelligence that improve your business on a daily basis is what we teach clients.

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Website Design Consulting Service

NetWin Media’s website design consulting service helps online gaming companies improve their websites’ abilities to attract more new traffic and turn it into profitable business. We address four fundamental aspects of our client’s website and provide strategies to increase active customers numbers and profits-per-player. The four fundamentals NWM focus on within the consultancy period are: website design & architecture, UX (user experience), SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion (traffic to customers) strategies.

If you are a small to midsized online gambling business owner ready to improve your website’s performance, read more on NWM’s website design consulting services…

Website Design & Architecture

The initial phase of our consulting focuses on your website’s overall layout and visual appearance, color scheme and typography. We will provide observations and recommendations to increase conversion rates for turning visitors into customers. Your website’s architecture is the foundation of your website and influences how great your website’s design can be. Our consulting provides valuable advice for your website’s navigation, content and how you deliver your services by desktop & mobile devices.

UX (User Experience)

Does your current website’s design meet your Company’s expectations for how it services its visitors and customers? We will help you stress-test your current website’s design regarding usability. We also conduct user research so we are able to provide design advice in alignment with user behavior that produces more profitable business. Accessibility testing is also a key component of our service because it is crucial to find out if there are visitors abandoning your website because they’re not able to use it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First page positioning for search results related to your website’s gaming services are crucial in today’s competitive online gambling markets! NetWin Media’s consulting services include a technical audit, on-page audit and off-page audit. Having strong numbers of organic traffic from search engines is important for long-term success and NetWin Media works hard help our clients improve their websites’ SEO.

Conversion (Traffic to Customers)

The conversion rates for turning visitors to your website into real-money customers is crucial for your gaming business’ profitability. We provide important advice that help our clients increase their conversion rate success by improving everything from bonuses offers, promotions to how payments are processed. NWM also understand identifying your company’s unfair advantage over your competition and featuring this prominently throughout your website produces long-term success!